Construction Brief

July 2021

Feature stairs

In the Main Lobby area, Feature Stairs lead up to the second floor where the Auditorium will be located.

Feature Stairs

Construction workers began building the Feature Stairs in the Main Lobby area. The Feature Stairs will be a prominent landmark that will connect the first and second level concourse, bringing in an abundance of natural light from the second floor skylights. 

Ramp to Underground Parking

The ramp to the entrance of the underground parking was paved this month.

Increasing spaces by about 25 per cent, parking in the new hospital will be a combination of surface and underground parking for patients, staff and visitors. There will be three levels of underground parking beneath the Outpatient Block of the new hospital. At street level, there will be a surface parking lot next to underground parking entrance and a larger surface parking lot that will replace the Gage Building.

Wychwood says goodbye

West Park’s first crane named Wychwood completed its job and time on campus. Early this month, West Park said goodbye to Wychwood as she was dismantled and rolled out on tractor trailers.

The Great Crane Photo Contest

With the last crane leaving by late fall, West Park launched The Great Crane Photo Contest. Open for four weeks and ending coincidentally on the day Wychwood left the campus ahead of schedule, the contest received more than 75 entries across three categories.

With so many amazing photos submitted, three winners were finally chosen (scroll down to see the wining photos), including a submission from Catherine McConnell, a prosthetist at West Park.

“I’m just so thrilled, as a hobby photographer, to win my first contest,” says McConnell, the winner of the Best Photo category and of two honourable mentions.

Winning Entries

Best Photo Winner: Catherine McConnell, Prosthetist

Winner of Best Photo
Best Selfie Winner: Christine Zilli, Social Worker 

Winner of Selfie

Best Group Photo Winner: Deidre Samuels, Patient

Winner of Group Shot

See the Action

Photo Gallery
Video: View from the Penthouse (Rooftop) | 27 secs