Construction Brief

July 2020

Materials to build the first floor above the loading bay
Materials are on-hand to create the first floor above the underground loading bay located in the North Inpatient Block

Sections of the Hospital 
The new hospital can generally be split into two parts — the Inpatient Block and Outpatient Block. The Inpatient Block is on the west side of the construction zone towards the Ruddy Building. It can be split further into North Inpatient Block and South Inpatient Block. The Outpatient Block is at the opposite end of the construction site. See a visual and explanation of the “blocks” here.

North Inpatient Block: Forming the first floor
Construction crews began forming the first floor above the seven-dock loading bay located in the North Inpatient Block. 

To create a floor, metal platforms are erected and supported by a scaffolding system set to the right height to allow the pouring of the concrete floor. This platform also surrounds the columns so when the concrete slab is poured, it connects to the columns. The entire area is then sprayed with oil to prevent it from sticking to the concrete, allowing the metal platforms to be easily removed after the concrete is cured (hardened). Rebar or steel wires are also installed to stabilize and strengthen the concrete slab. 

After the concrete is poured and cured, the metal platforms are then removed and the slab remains suspended and supported by the columns, thus creating the floor. The process starts all over again for each floor.

North and South Inpatient Block
EllisDon continues to pour concrete footings, columns and walls to support the foundation of the new building in the remaining North Inpatient Block and into the South Inpatient Block.  In the southern tip of the South Inpatient Block, EllisDon is also waterproofing the shoring wall.

Excavation in Outpatient Block
EllisDon just began excavating for the third level of underground parking located underneath the Outpatient Block. The new hospital will offer patients, staff and visitors a combination of surface and underground parking. 

Third Crane
West Park’s third and final crane is expected to arrive onsite today and installed on August 5. Placed in the Outpatient Block, the crane will be similar to the second crane in make and model. 

See the Action

Photo Gallery
Peek into the Outpatient Block (56 sec)
View Standing from the South Inpatient Block (19 sec)
Waterproofing in the South Inpatient Block (13 sec)