Construction Brief

February 2022

Therapy gym in construction

A glimpse of the Therapy Gym on the second floor that will be shared between the two occupying units on the floor

Construction Highlights

Outside, construction crews are placing the final brick panels on the Outpatient and Inpatient Blocks. 

For the windows, mullion caps are being installed. A mullion is a vertical metal trim that form a division between windows or screens. The mullion caps ensure the mullions are in place to seal off the window.

All the floors are in varying stages of “rough-ins,” where workers are installing services typically built into the building’s structure such as electrical boxes, lighting, fire alarm, heating, medical gases, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) pipes. 

With the lower levels further developed, wall panelling and door framing can be seen on Levels B1 (basement), 1 and 2. 

Some notable spaces shaping up this month include:

  • The bulkhead for lighting has been installed for the Shared Therapy Gym on Level 2

  • The telecommunications room is boarded and ready for phone lines, internet and data connections to be installed in B1

  • The pump room (photo below) is fully installed where the water and fire mainlines enter the building

    • See the construction action this month in the Photo Gallery

      Pump room

      Furniture Selection

      West Park has selected Global Furniture Group to furnish all the office spaces, meeting and conference rooms, waiting areas and public spaces in the new building. The company will also supply selected pieces for patient rooms, clinical and lab settings. 

      Canadian owned and operated, Global specializes in three types of furniture — workplace, education and healthcare. Its line of healthcare products include patient chairs, bariatric seating, patient bedside cabinets, sleeper chairs and desks, tables and seating for clinical and non-clinical settings. 

      The company has furnished many hospitals including the recently opened Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital.

      Over the past few weeks, a West Park delegation has been reviewing and selecting furniture at Global’s showroom in North York. 

      “There are lots of different people at the table for these workshops, so everyone brings insight that pertains to their capacity in the organization,” says Michael Williams, West Park’s Coordinator for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. “We’re really trying to weigh all factors such as safety, comfort, cleanability, price, sustainability, ergonomics, aesthetics, etc.”

      In terms of values, Global shares West Park’s vision for a more environmentally sustainable world. For example, the company is or has:

      • Entirely eliminated the use of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), which destroy the earth’s ozone layer, in all its manufacturing processes

      • Reduced its consumption of electricity by over 18 per cent over the last four years

      • Diverting 7.5 tons of waste per day from the landfill through its patented, industry-first, wood/polymer molding technology

      • Recycling 88 per cent of its waste production across the organization from the lunchroom to the factory floor

      • Utilizing 80 per cent recycled material and wherever possible flat pack to reduce shipping volume and minimize carbon footprint

      Furniture selection at Global Showroom