Construction Brief

February 2021

Construction of therapy pool

In February, construction crews finished the concrete pour for the therapeutic pool located in the Outpatient Block

North and South Inpatient Blocks 

Ground Level
Departmental rooms and corridors are forming as construction workers continue to frame and install masonry blocks on the Ground Level (basement). The placement of mechanical fixtures such as hand and eye washing sinks are also being marked throughout the floor. 

Known as “rough-ins,” construction crews are installing services that are typically built into the structure and often hidden behind the walls including electrical boxes, lighting, fire alarm, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) pipes. 

Levels 1 to 5
Sprinkler and drainage pipes, and studs for the walls continue to be placed throughout the main floor. Levels 2 to 4 will soon follow suit. Meanwhile, construction crews are currently forming the fifth floor in both the North and South Inpatient Blocks.

Outpatient Block

After completing the first level of underground parking (P1) last month, construction crews focused their attention on the main floor. Level 1 is currently being formed in the Outpatient Block including the new therapeutic pool, which can be identified by the large rectangular cavity closer to the Inpatient Block. 

The therapeutic pool will be six times larger than the current size, have different depths and include an underwater treadmill that can be used by patients experiencing joint pain. The pool will also be equipped with multi-sensory equipment, widely known as Snoezelen, such as lights, music and water jets.  The pool will continue to be open for inpatients, outpatients and available for community programs such as aquafit. 

West Park patients

Hospital Hopes 

I have been a patient here since 2017 and took part in the ground breaking event on October 11, 2018 for the new hospital. Watching the construction every day has been very exciting and I can't wait for the opening.
I am looking forward to seeing the new one bedroom accommodation units with new technology and also seeing the terraces on each floor since I love the outdoors. I will be able to sit on the terrace and look out and enjoy the view. Most of all, I am looking forward to seeing the new outdoor space and gardens. 

-Lynda McGillivray

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