Construction Brief

August 2020

West Park's Three Crane Skyline
West Park’s new skyline after the third and final crane was assembled this month

Third Crane

All good things come in threes. West Park’s third and final crane was placed in the Outpatient Block on August 10. West Park’s first and second cranes are located in the Inpatient Block, more specifically one in the North Inpatient Block and the other in the South Inpatient Block.

To see a visual and explanation of the “blocks,” click here.

North Inpatient Block: Forming the first floor

Last month, construction crews began forming the first floor above the seven-dock, underground loading bay. Making their way across the Inpatient Blocks, construction crews formed another section of the first floor above the location of the General Stores department.

To see a list of departments that will be located in the basement level of the new hospital, click here

North and South Inpatient Blocks

EllisDon continues to pour concrete footings, columns and walls to support the foundation of the new building in the remaining North Inpatient Block and into the South Inpatient Block.  Used on large concrete jobs, construction workers can be seen using a power trowel machine that uses its revolving blades to smooth and flatten the concrete. 

Once the footings, columns and walls are complete for the basement level, construction crews will begin erecting metal platforms supported by a scaffolding system to allow the pouring of the first floor for the remaining Inpatient Block. 

Construction worker using a power trowel machine
Creating circular patterns, a construction worker uses a power trowel machine to smooth the concrete floor

Excavation in Outpatient Block

EllisDon have almost completed the excavation for the third level of underground parking located underneath the Outpatient Block. The new hospital will offer patients, staff and visitors a combination of surface and underground parking. 

See the Action

Photo Gallery
VIDEO: Excavation of P3 (24 sec)
VIDEO: Power Trowel Machine at Work (11 sec)
VIDEO: Skid-Steel Loader Pushes Gravel (14 sec)