Construction Brief

August 2021

Staff posing in front of last beam

Staff showed pride and excitement as they signed and posed photos with the final beam that was installed in the new hospital this month

Construction Milestones

Last Concrete Pour
West Park reached a major milestone with the final concrete slab pour for the six-storey building on August 3. The pour, which signifies that the building structure is nearing completion, took place on the rooftop of the Outpatient Block.  

Signing of the Final Beam
The Signing of the Final Beam is another significant construction milestone that represents the completion of the building structure. 

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Christine Elliott, and Minister of Infrastructure Kinga Surma were among the special guests to sign the final structural beam for West Park’s new hospital.

With the new facility as a backdrop, about 75 guests including board members, staff, patients and family members gathered outside with masks on for the Beam Signing Ceremony on August 11. 

“When these doors open, this new facility will provide residents here in the western GTA with access to the high-quality care they deserve…where and when they need it,” said Premier Ford. “Our government is fully committed to fortifying our health care sector, and West Park Healthcare Centre will play a major part in helping us achieve that goal.” 

During one of the hottest weeks of the summer, staff and patients also came out with pride and excitement to make their mark on the beam. Many took the time to take photos with and write heartfelt messages on the beam.

By the end, the 30 foot steel beam, painted white and draped with West Park banners on either side, collected about 400 signatures. The beam was then air-lifted by Crane 3, endearingly called Thunderbird, to the top of the new six-storey, approximately 730,000 square foot building that will overlook the Humber River valley. 

Construction Highlights

Au Revoir to Phoenix! 
Standing at over 250 ft (about 24 storeys) high with the capacity to lift over 40,000 lbs, Phoenix (Crane 2) left the West Park campus on August 27 after a year of working on the new hospital.  

As the tallest crane onsite, Phoenix diligently lifted materials with grace and finesse to help construct the South Inpatient Block of the new hospital. 

But before saying goodbye to Phoenix, its operator — who was a tad camera shy and prefers to remain anonymous – answered curious questions posed by patients and family members last month. 

To read the Q&As with the crane operator, click here.

Thunderbird is now the last crane on the construction site and is expected to depart in October. In July, Wychwood (Crane 1) was the first to leave the campus. Before Wychwood left, its crane operator snapped a few photos from his view above. To view them, click here

Window Installation
In the North Inpatient Block, construction workers began installing the windows for the patient rooms and coloured glass spandrels. 

As part of the building’s architecture, the large windows will bring an abundance of natural light into the patient room, positively impacting on the health and recovery of patients. The window closest to the bed is purposely lowered, so that patients can have a view to the outdoors even while lying in bed.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services 
Known as Rehab Plus at West Park, Outpatient Rehabilitation Services is expected to double its service volumes in the new building. As a result, the first and second floors of the Outpatient Block extends further east than subsequent floors to reflect the footprint needed to deliver a multitude of individualized or group services, specialized clinics, programs and classes.

Throughout the first two floors of the Outpatient Block, construction crews have been installing ceiling and in-wall plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), upper boarding of walls and electrical rough-ins such as electrical outlets, natural gas lines and medical air.

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