Construction Brief

April 2021

Concrete pour for Level 4 Outpatient Block
Construction workers pour the concrete floor for Level 4 in the Outpatient Block 

Hospital Hopes 

"There are many things I am excited for with the new hospital. I was fortunate to be invited to view and review the patient’s mock-up rooms and the nurse’s work stations. The new nursing workstations are very spacious, a well-thought layout. There is a dedicated space for all the medical equipment that we’re using and a dedicated medication room.

I am also excited for the new patient rooms, which have a dedicated shower for each room and a built in large TV. Having 80% of the patient room in private rooms will eliminate, or at least lessen, the number of bed moves. During this pandemic there is a lot of movement to isolate newly admitted patients, while waiting for their COVID swab results and to accommodate admissions while adhering to IPAC’s safety guidelines.

What I am most excited about and looking forward to is the state-of-the-art technology the new centre will be using such as the Automatic Dispensing Units (medication dispenser) and Integrated Bedside Terminal (multimedia screen for patients), which I think would help the nurses deliver the best possible care."

Nic Molina
Registered Nurse
Musculoskeletal Unit

West Park Nurse

Nic Molina, Registered Nurse

Inpatient Block

The sixth floor is complete for both the North and South Inpatient Blocks. Construction workers will now begin creating the penthouse level (roof) where the new building’s mechanical services, such as air handling units and exhausts, are held. 

Each level is at varying stages of installing sprinklers and drainage pipes, studs for the walls, framing, masonry work and installing “rough-ins,” which are electrical boxes, lighting, fire alarm, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). 

Outpatient Block

Below, installation of mechanical drainage lines are underway for the three levels of underground parking in the Outpatient Block. 

Above, construction crews just began forming the concrete floor for a section of Level 5. This section of the Outpatient Block, which connects to the Inpatient block, is being developed faster because the builders want to reach the penthouse level (roof), so they can fully install the new building’s mechanical services. 

Construction by Main Entrance

EllisDon is currently installing storm lines for the new hospital and a new crosswalk for the Rooftop Patio, which has impacted the driveway leading to the Main Entrance. Construction in this area will end approximately by May 7. 

Fun Fact

How much concrete is needed to build West Park’s new hospital?

Concrete truck

As of April 1, about 3,300 concrete trucks have passed through West Park. Another 1,300 more trucks are expected to complete the new hospital.

Given the average concrete truck has the capacity to carry eight cubic metres, the new hospital requires about 36,800 cubic metres of concrete or about 15 Olympic sized swimming pools!

See the Action

Photo Gallery
Construction Elevator (8 secs)
A look at P1 (Underground Parking) (28 secs)
A look at ABI on Level 1 (59 secs)
A look at ABIBS on Level 1 (1 min 5)
Concrete Pour on Level 4 Outpatient Block (44 secs)