Construction Brief

April 2020

Excavator, dump truck and drill rig

While it may be quiet everywhere these days, construction at West Park has been making a big impact! Here’s a look at what happened on campus in April. 

Shoring and Excavation of the “Inpatient Wing”
The new hospital can generally be divided into two sections — the inpatient and outpatient areas. In front of the Ruddy Building, observers can see the perimeter of the inpatient area forming with the shoring wall (also known as lagging) made of wood, which prevents the soil from collapsing during excavation. 
On the east side of the campus towards Buttonwood and Charleton Settlement Ave., construction crews are at the beginning stages of shoring (i.e. using drill rigs to install caissons to form the shoring wall) for the outpatient wing. 

Preparing for the First Crane 
A concrete base is just being created for West Park’s first crane that will be erected in early May. The base of the crane is located in front of the Ruddy Building and/or the future north inpatient area. Once the new tower crane is assembled, it will be a beacon for all to see in the neighbourhood.

Construction worker installing tiebacks

A construction worker strengthens the shoring walls with "tiebacks," metal rods that transfer applied tensile load (tension) into the ground

Underground Tunnel
Since October, construction crews have been placing the structure of the underground tunnel that will eventually connect the Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC) to the new hospital. This month, construction crews have waterproofed the tunnel, excavated the existing soils, compacted new layers of dirt and gravel, and began building a new support slab on top of the tunnel to help support the weight of road traffic. Once the underground tunnel work is finished, construction workers will finalize the configuration of the east-west road, sidewalks and visitors parking along the Ruddy, Gage and Long-Term Care Centre Buildings. 

Sidewalk to Ruddy Building 
A new sidewalk leading to the Ruddy Building during construction has been paved as EllisDon is working towards creating additional visitors parking in front of the Gage and Long-Term Care Centre Buildings on the new “east-west” road. 

New Fire Escape Route for Main Building 
With excavation a few feet away from the Main Building, a new fire escape route is being created for the exit located in the stairwell by the west elevators between the first and second floors. The new path will lead to the existing path between the Main and Ruddy Buildings, bringing pedestrians to the back service road.

Ramp to Rooftop Garden

A covered hoarding ramp from the visitor's parking area to the Rooftop Garden

Ramp to Rooftop Patio
Construction crews continue to complete a covered ramp leading from the visitor’s parking area just outside the main entrance to the Rooftop Patio. This will allow outdoor access and a viewing platform for patients, family members and staff during construction.

Communication Vault and Switchgear Mounts
An underground vault housing electrical and communications feeds was installed along Buttonwood Ave.  Adjacent to the vault, a pad to receive the switchgear (electrical power supply) has been installed. Temporarily, the feeds for both communication and power will service the construction site. Once the new hospital is completed, it will be switched to service the new facility. 

Directional drilling to install sanitary, storm and oxygen gas lines 
The back service road behind the Ruddy Building was re-opened after more than a month of directional drilling to install new sanitary and storm pipes to the existing building. The new lines will eventually be extended to the new hospital. A new line supplying oxygen gas was also drilled in the same location. 

So what exactly is directional drilling? Read and see what it’s all about with Learn with LEGO man here

See the action

Photo Gallery
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