Construction Brief

April 2022

Orange paint colour on Level 2

Each floor can be identified by a colour as part of a wayfinding strategy to help patients and visitors navigate the building

Construction Highlights

Colour Reveal

Each floor will have its own distinguishing colour to aid patients and visitors in navigating the new building. With both inpatient units on Level 2 – Geriatric Rehabilitation and Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation – fully boarded, painters revealed the colour for the second floor…orange. 

Variations of orange will be the accent colour throughout the floor and signage. The dynamic, energizing and cheerful colour evokes warmth, optimism and creativity. Look out for a future floor colour reveal article.


Though the main focus is the interior, there is still work to be done on the exterior of the building. Here are a few items construction crews were working on this month:

  • Installation of white stone on the Outpatient Block section that extends beyond the core of the building

  • Installation of aluminium side panelling between windows along the ends of the inpatient units 

  • Waterproofing the perimeter of the cafeteria patio so water does not leak into the basement level below  

    • See this month's construction photo gallery here

      A Look at the New West Park: Terrace View

      Stunning views can be added to the distinguishing list of features for West Park’s new hospital.

      With the design objective to foster connections to nature and beauty, terraces were purposefully built into the architectural plans. There will be a terrace on every floor in the inpatient block that will face the west-end of the city and overlook the extensively landscaped West Lawn, consisting of walking trails, gardens and courtyards, and amphitheatre below. 

      Providing easy access to the outdoors was another motivation since many patients are unable to travel to the main floor and outside easily or independently. The terrace is the perfect solution for patients and staff looking for quick and easy access to fresh air. 

      The terraces will be staggered to allow access to sunshine and shade for each of these outdoor spaces. The terraces will also be enclosed by nine feet of glass for safety and without blocking the views.

      Get a virtual tour of the terrace view here