Who will build West Park's New Hospital?

Request for Qualifications to design, build, finance and maintain new hospital

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*The Request for Qualifications period closed on Oct. 27, 2016. West Park and Infrastructure Ontario are now reviewing the submissions. The three shortlisted candidates will be announced in early 2017. 

West Park is officially in Stage 4 of the capital planning process.

The rigorous and lengthy process to select a team to design and build West Park’s new hospital has finally begun. On Sept. 1, Infrastructure Ontario (IO), the government body that oversees major construction projects in the province, issued the RFQ for a team to design, build, finance and maintain our new facility.

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“The RFQ is the first step in selecting the team who will actually build West Park’s new hospital,“ says Shelley Ditty, Vice-President of Planning and Development. “When the RFQ is released, it signals that West Park’s new hospital is in the construction pipeline. It’s happening.”

What is a Request for Qualifications?

The RFQ invites teams or groups of companies to formally express their interest in bidding for West Park’s Hospital Development project, which includes the design and construction of an approximately 720,000 square foot hospital, demolition of three existing patient care buildings, creation of a new campus entrance and extensive landscaping for outdoor therapy areas and therapeutic gardens.

Interested parties have about eight weeks to submit their qualifications. Submissions will be reviewed to shortlist teams with the design and construction experience, as well as the qualified personnel and financial capacity, to deliver a project of this size and complexity.

The teams applying to bid on the West Park project will include an architectural firm, construction company, a financial institution, and a facilities management company as the hospital will transfer some of the long-term maintenance responsibilities of the new physical building externally.

What happens after?

The typically three, shortlisted teams will be invited to respond to a request for proposals (RFP), which is expected to be released in early 2017. Shortlisted teams will submit a proposal — including architectural drawings for the new hospital — based on requirements West Park outlined in its Stage 3 planning documents.

The RFP process will take approximately one year to complete. The preferred proponent and timing of construction, known as Stage 5, will be announced in 2018.

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For questions or comments, please contact the Campus Development department at 416-243-3600 ext. 2111 or campusdevelopment@westpark.org.