West Park launches Stage 2: Functional Programming

September 2014

PDC Consultant talking to staff

Planning, Design and Compliance (PDC) Lead Consultant Ben Embir talks to staff about the thinking that goes behind designing a patient room at West Park's Functional Program Kick-Off Event in September 2014.

West Park launches Stage 2: Functional Program

West Park has reached a major milestone in its campus development project. In September 2014, the hospital launched its centre-wide Stage 2: Functional Program. Watch video presentation

This is a critical planning stage for the project as it will provide the architects and design team with a clear understanding of what West Park wants to achieve in the new and renovated facilities.

“Functional Programming lays the foundation for the design and function of West Park’s future facilities,” says Gloria Kain, Vice-President of Planning and Development. “We have to get it ‘right’ now because all future phases build on this important stage.”

Functional Programming Kick-Off
At the Functional Programming Kick-Off Event, West Park staff wrote their hopes for the new facilities

What is a Functional Program?

A Functional Program document articulates the programs and services that will be accommodated in the new and renovated facilities, and the resources required to make it happen. It will include information on topics such as patient flow and volumes, workflows, essential adjacencies and space requirements. West Park is required to submit a Functional Program to the provincial government for approval. 


What happens in Functional Program?

Functional Programming is a fast-paced planning process over several months to capture the knowledge and insight of staff, physicians, patients and family members from across the hospital. Each clinical and non-clinical service area will be examined in Functional Programming with cross representation of hospital staff, patients and families.

Planning, Design and Compliance (PDC) Team

To help implement our vision of a healthcare campus of the future, West Park has engaged HOK Architects Inc. to be our Planning, Design and Compliance (PDC) consulting team.

Leveraging their experience and expertise, the PDC team will guide us through Functional Programming until the completion of our new facilities, tentatively scheduled for late 2020. The PDC team will be advocates for West Park to ensure we bring the best to patients in architectural design, innovative equipment and technology and patient care delivery.

HOK has assembled a team of core and specialty experts to meet our vision to be an integrated campus of the future. Among others, their expertise includes:

- Furnishings, fixtures and equipment
- Mechanical and electrical engineering
- Information, communication and automation technologies
- Lean methodology
- Security
- Wayfinding and accessibility
- Landscaping

Then what?

West Park will submit its Functional Program to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for approval in Spring 2015. Once approved, West Park will move onto Stage 3: Project Specific Output Specifications (PSOS). Using the Functional Program as a guide, the PSOS document generates a list of criteria and standard features West Park’s new and renovated facilities must incorporate in its design.

There are a total of five stages in Ontario’s capital planning process. To learn more, click here.

For more information, please contact the Campus Development team at 416-243-3600 ext. 2111 or redevelopment@westpark.org.

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