West Park completes Stage 3

Stage 3 Completed! West Park inches another step closer to groundbreaking

Stage 3 Submission  Members of the Board of Directors and senior leadership stand proud behind the 10,000 plus page planning document submitted to the provincial government. The "Stage 3" submission was the collective effort of more than 450 patients, employees, physicians and volunteers.

Building a hospital is like playing the classic video game Super Mario Bros. Each stage gets progressively more difficult, yet more satisfying, like the feeling you get when reaching the flag pole at the end of each level in the popular game.

After spending an intense year engaging more than 450 patients, family members, employees, physicians and volunteers through 700-plus hours of formal meetings, workshops and open houses, West Park reached the Stage 3 flag pole after submitting its final planning document to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care on Oct 21.

“A lot of heart and soul, sweat and tears went into this submission,” says Shelley Ditty, Vice-President of Planning and Development. “Everyone involved stepped up to the plate, putting their minds together to create the best possible facility that will enable the best care for our patients."

Known as the Stage 3 submission, the final planning document outlines the project vision and details the architectural, technology, landscape and design features West Park wants to incorporate in the new hospital.

In Stage 4: Request for Proposals, shortlisted teams made up of an architectural firm, construction company, financial institution, and a facilities management company, will take the Stage 3 planning document to design the hospital and develop a plan to build, finance and maintain the new facility.

The release of Stage 4 is expected in early 2017.The RFP process will take approximately one year to complete. The preferred proponent and timing of construction, known as Stage 5, will be announced in 2018. As West Park progresses through the remaining two stages, the end game is always clear — reach the flag pole.

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