Stage 3 Launch of Hospital Development Project

October 7, 2015

Staff with patient

David Garlin, Planner, talks to a patient about accessibility features of the new hospital. 

West Park launches Stage 3 of the capital planning process. Stage 3 is the Project Specific Output Specifications (PSOS) phase. Using the Functional Program as a guide, the PSOS document will drill down to list specific criteria of what the new facility must have.

For instance, the PSOS may state there will be a terrace on every floor so patients have access to the outdoors, which promotes healing. It will also cover floor plans and healthcare design standards such as the height of the hand-washing sinks.

“Stage 3 will be more intense than its previous phases because we need to spell out everything we want from how many power outlets we want in each patient room to suggested materials used to build the new facility,” Ditty says. “It is vital the document be extremely detailed because the developers who design and build the project must encompass all the criteria in its proposal, so that we can get our dream facility,” she added.

Employees, physicians and patients will continue to provide invaluable input on the space and equipment requirements for the new hospital. This stage is expected to be completed in Spring 2016.