Stage 2: Functional Program Submission

August 31, 2015

User group meeting

Staff and a patient meet to discuss the needs of Food Services in the new facility.

After a year of meetings and hands-on workshops with employees, physicians, patients and families from across the hospital, West Park submits its Functional Program to the government for approval on August 31.

The Functional Program describes services, patient volumes and patient needs in the future. Based on these future projections, the document then outlines projected staffing, space requirements and department adjacencies that will be incorporated into the design of the new Patient Care Centre.

More beds, more services and more green space

Below are key features of West Park’s new build and site plan to help patients get their life back.

Beds and rooms

  • 314 inpatient beds in the new hospital (20 per cent increase) 
  • 80 per cent private rooms; 20 per cent semi-private
  • Three-piece washroom for each patient

New services

  • Geriatric clinics and day hospital
  • Satellite haemodialysis

Program and service locations

  • Expanded outpatient area to serve double the current patient volume
  • Similar programs, services and departments will be co-located to minimize travel
  • Communal dining option for patients.


  • About 700 parking spaces (23 per cent increase)
  • Proposed underground and surface parking

Green space

  • 61 per cent green space (4 per cent increase);
  • More and easier access to therapeutic gardens and pathways, so that indoor therapy areas can be extended to the outdoors