WP Proposes All-New Build

Big changes to site plan

Time can change many things. For West Park’s campus development project, the change is for the better.

After reexamining its original plan from a decade ago, the hospital has determined it would now be more cost-effective and efficient to demolish the Main Building, and construct a larger new hospital that would accommodate all programs and services.

Up until now, the Main Building was to undergo a renovation and retrofit, and be connected to the new Patient Care Centre, so services may be delivered in both buildings. But over the years, health care standards and building codes have changed, making it less viable to upgrade the Main Building.

“It just makes sense to build one big, brand new building that will house all our programs and services,” says Shelley Ditty, Vice-President of Planning and Development. “Major renovations to the Main Building would have been a nightmare in terms of cost and time, added disruptions for patients and staff, and operational inefficiencies.”

Demolition of the Ruddy and Gage Buildings will continue to proceed as planned.

The new hospital is part of West Park’s bold path to transform itself into a world-class centre of rehabilitative care. The vision is to build an integrated campus of care that will bring together specialized rehabilitative and complex continuing care, long-term care, primary care and independent living opportunities on a single site.