New Hospital | Did you know West Park will offer three Day Programs?

Day Program

On Level 3, the Geriatric and Respiratory Day Programs will be delivered in a 9,000 square foot space with natural light filtering through a large gym area

Having more space opens up endless possibilities. More than doubling its current space, West Park’s new facility will have the opportunity to strengthen its current programs and launch new services to better serve Ontarians.

Currently, West Park offers two Day Hospitals – to be referred to as Day Programs in the future --for acquired brain injury and respiratory patients, which will continue to be offered in expansive spaces in the new building.

West Park is pleased to offer a Geriatric Day Program in the new building to address a growing need to support seniors in the community.

Like all programs at West Park, the Day Programs are delivered by an interprofessional team comprised of multiple professions including physicians, nurses, therapists and social workers, with the goal of increasing a patient’s functional ability and maintaining their independence.

“We’re currently in the process of working with staff to sort out the operational logistics for the new programs and ensuring smooth transition for the current programs,” says Anthony Hin, Operational Readiness Transition Lead for outpatient areas. “The Day Programs will strengthen our ability to deliver much needed regional care, especially for an aging, yet active population.”

Below is a snapshot of the three Day Programs that will be offered in the new West Park.

Acquired Brain Injury Day Program

The Acquired Brain Injury Day Program will approximately triple its space in the new facility. The existing Day Program will continue to provide social, recreational, and skill building activities to adults with an acquired brain injury who are living at home or in residential facilities.

For easy access, the ABI Day Program will be located on Level 1 next to the South Entrance, which participants can access off of Buttonwood Ave.

Features of the ABI Day Program space include:

  • An Activities of Daily Living (ADL) kitchen to help patients rebuild life skills
  • A patient lounge and a large activity room to accommodate group activities and a peer support group
  • Assessment and consultation rooms
  • A designated courtyard for ABI Day Program participants

Geriatric Day Program

A new service in the new facility, the Geriatric Day Program will provide assessments and rehabilitation for older persons, so they can maintain independence. The Geriatric Day Hospital will help seniors improve in areas such as:

  • Mobility physical function and/or falls prevention
  • Coping with multiple chronic illnesses or multiple medications
  • Self-care/activities of daily living
  • Memory/cognition
  • Emotional and/or social concerns
  • Communication or swallowing problems
  • Bowel and bladder function

The program will also support family and caregivers by helping to manage stress and to navigate the healthcare system and community resources.

The Geriatric Day Program will be co-located with the Respiratory Day Program in a large 9,000 square foot space on the third floor. A large multi-activity room will be available for group programming as well as the technology to support virtual care. The space will have plenty of natural light coming into its large, open gym area with adjacent access to multiple consultation rooms.

Respiratory Day Program

The Respiratory Day Program will continue to provide a program of interprofessional therapy and psychological and social support for adults with difficulties breathing. Respiratory rehabilitation services include active intervention, education and exercise and its maintenance component supports patients in retaining their respiratory and functional capacities.

The program will continue to offer an in-person and virtual component.

Located on Level 3, the program will co-share its space with the Geriatric Day Program. Compared to its current space in the Main Building, the Respiratory Day Program space will be about five times larger.