Construction Safety: 8 Ways to Stay Safe

Safety: Don't take shortcuts cartoon

It's Construction Safety Week! (May 6-10)

As West Park is now a construction site, patients, staff and visitors should follow these 8 tips to stay safe on campus:

1. Construction is constantly changing; be aware of your surroundings.

2. Follow signs and directed pedestrian pathways — no shortcuts.

3. Be aware of uneven surfaces. 

4. Be visible around equipment and vehicle operators. 

5. Respect cordoned off areas (i.e. fencing, caution tape, pylons, etc.)

6. Drive slowly on campus, especially in parking lots.

7. For patients, tell a staff member when you are leaving your unit.

8. Report unsafe conditions to Campus Development at 416-243-3600 ext. 2111.

For questions or comments, please contact the Campus Development department at 416-243-3600 ext. 2111 or