A Look at the New West Park

The Auditorium will be the largest event space in the new hospital. 

Increasing its square footage by 50 per cent, the Auditorium will host and support a wide range of events and functions such as conferences, telemedicine sessions, town halls, multi-faith services, movie nights and gala dinners. In addition, the Auditorium will have supporting adjacent rooms for equipment storage, coats and food preparation. 

Centred at the back of the Auditorium will be a stage with an accessible ramp. The space in front will allow for flexible seating arrangements from small groups to classroom style layout.

The event experience in this space will be enhanced with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. Features include: 

  • Three laser projectors that can project onto three movie quality screens on the stage

  • Programmable stage lighting system with the ability for scheduled and moving lights on stage 

  • Room presets that can switch the room’s lighting and ambiance to pre-programmed event settings like meetings, pub night and other celebrations

  • Professional audio system suitable for movies, concerts, presentations and other engagements 

  • Cameras and microphones for professional event recording and/or broadcasting to the inpatient areas throughout the hospital

  • Digital video mixing equipment that utilizes and selects from multiple audio and video feeds (e.g. various cameras, presentation slides, music, etc.) to create high-quality video productions that can be live streamed on platforms like YouTube

    • The Auditorium will also be offered to the community as a bookable event space.

      As part of the Get Your Life Back Campaign, David Weishuhn, a former West Park patient and Foundation Board member, and his family have made a generous gift toward the Auditorium. 

      Get a glimpse of the Auditorium in this virtual tour with Shelley Ditty, Vice-President of Campus Development and Support Services below.