Shoring Begins

Learn with LEGO Man Series

Drill rig installing caisson

Have you felt intermittent vibrations at West Park? That’s because EllisDon is beginning a construction process called “shoring.”

Shoring is the creation of a retaining wall for excavation, with the main purpose of preventing the soil from collapsing. 

“We’re digging for three levels of underground parking, loading dock and basement for the new hospital, so you can imagine how deep we’re digging,” says LEGO man, West Park’s construction mascot, who also has a civil engineering degree. “The shoring will allow construction equipment and workers to excavate safely.”

The shoring wall is commonly used when a deep excavation is next to another structure and the depth of the excavation wall cannot support the adjacent area. 

There are various types of shoring systems. For West Park’s new hospital, EllisDon will use drill rigs to install concrete cylinders known as “caissons” that contain steel beams called “piles” inside. Between the caisson will be wood or metal “lagging,” which will form the shoring wall.

Shoring Video and Diagram

See construction crews installing a caisson with a drill rig here.

Below is an illustration of a drill rig excavating to install caissons, which are concrete cylinders used to create a retaining wall during excavation. 

Shoring diagram

Learn with LEGO Man Series

Want to know what EllisDon and their subcontractors are doing on the construction site? The Learn with LEGO Man (or Woman, when applicable) series will help explain the construction process throughout the build. Stay tuned for more...!

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