Colour Reveal by Floor

Level 3 paint colour Each floor will have its own colour to help orient patients and visitors in the new hospital. Level 3’s predominant colour will be teal/light blue.

Colours can play a vital role in helping people navigate their surroundings. In the new hospital, each level will have its own distinct, accent colour to help patients and visitors locate their destinations.

“The new hospital will be about two-and-a-half times larger than the current Main Building, so it’s important to help orient people to the new space,” says Shelley Ditty, Vice-President of Campus Development and Support Services. “Colour association is strong, effective and memorable for patients, visitors and staff.

In our wayfinding strategy – which is the process of guiding people from place to place – colour, signage, landmarks and the naming of spaces together will help people find their way to where they need to go.”

Colour Influence 

One of West Park’s design objective for the new building is to have a “strong connection to nature.” There is strong research and literature that nature provides a calming environment, which contributes to West Park’s goal of creating a positive patient, family and staff experience. 

Taking its cue from nature, the interior design team at CannonDesign  a global architectural firm that worked in conjunction with Montgomery Sisam Architects to design the new hospital – was inspired by colours that could be found in the Canadian landscape and in particular the Humber River ravine, which West Park’s campus is situated next to. Colours from the trees, river, valley, flowers, wildlife and seasonal changes offer an array of subtle to vibrant hues, tints, tones and shades. 

Colour psychology also played a factor when selecting and designating colours for each floor. With emotional feelings often associated to specific colours, thoughtful consideration was given to each floor and its respective unit or service.

The designated accent floor colours will also influence the décor. There will be variations of the hue in the furniture and nature-themed wall graphics throughout the level. 

“Colours are like art. They are subjective,” says Ditty. “Everyone has their preferred colours and not everyone has to like every colour. If you’re hesitant, I would say give the colour a chance…it might grow on you.”

Colours for Each Level

Below are the accented colour for each floor that will be seen in the inpatient block. Similar colours will be used in the outpatient block. 

The actual wall paint may vary from the images below as every monitor and device display colours differently. 


  • Relaxation
  • Serenity
  • Calm

    • Departments and Services:
      • Inpatient Block: Acquired Brain Injury Service, Acquired Brain Injury Behavioural Service, Recreation Therapy, Tuberculosis Service
      • Outpatient Block: Acquired Brain Injury Day Program, Interprofessional Practice & Clinical Education, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Patient Relations & Engagement, Reflection Area, Registration

      • Corridors: Lobelia

        Sherwin Williams - Lobelia

        Unit Entries: Honorable Blue

        Sherwin Williams - Honorable Blue

        Offices/Workstations: Wondrous Blue Sherwin Williams - Wondrous Blue

        LEVEL 2 - ORANGE

        • Warmth
        • Joy
        • Abundance

          • Departments and Services:
            • Inpatient Block: Frail Seniors to Home, Geriatric Service, Stroke & Neurological Service
            • Outpatient Block: Assessment Centre, Augmentative & Alternative Communication Clinic, Biomedical Engineering, Diagnostic Imaging & Lab, Outpatient Clinics, WSIB Specialty Programs

            • Corridors: Fame Orange

              Fame Orange

              Unit Entries: Pennywise

              Sherwin Williams - Pennywise

              Offices/Workstations: Sumptuous Peach Sherwin Williams - Sumptuous Peach

              LEVEL 3 -TEAL/LIGHT BLUE

              • Relaxation
              • Serenity
              • Calm

                • Departments and Services:
                  • Inpatient Block: Amputee Service, Frail Seniors to Home, Musculoskeletal Service
                  • Outpatient Block: Day Program, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Quality, Risk & Decision Support, Salon, Seniors Mental Health

                  • Corridors: Lakeshore

                    Sherwin Williams - Lakeshore

                    Unit Entries: Great Falls

                    Sherwin Williams - Great Falls

                    Offices/Workstations: Tidewater Sherwin Williams - Tidewater

                    LEVEL 4 - PURPLE

                    • Stress reducer 
                    • Calm
                    • Authenticity

                      • Departments and Services:
                        • Inpatient Block: Long-Term Ventilation Service
                        • Outpatient Block: Dialysis, Health Records & Privacy, Research & Innovation, Respiratory Evaluation Services, Sleep Lab

                        • Corridors: Grape Mist

                          Sherwin Williams - Grape Mist

                          Unit Entries: Mesmerize

                          Sherwin Williams - Mesmerize

                          Offices/Workstations: Silver Peony Sherwin Williams - Silver Peony

                          LEVEL 5 - YELLOW

                          • Optimism
                          • Clarity
                          • Intellect

                            • Departments and Services:
                              • Inpatient Block: Respiratory Complex Continuing Care Service, Respiratory Rehabilitation Service
                              • Outpatient Block: Infection Prevention & Control, Integrated Digital Services, Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness, Volunteer Services

                              • Corridors: Butter Up

                                Sherwin WIlliams - Butter Up

                                Unit Entries: June Day

                                Sherwin Williams - June Day

                                Offices/Workstations: Butter Up Sherwin WIlliams - Butter Up

                                LEVEL 6 - GREEN

                                • Growth
                                • Healing
                                • Nurturing

                                  • Departments and Services:
                                    • Inpatient Block: Complex Continuing Care Service

                                    • Outpatient Block: Administrative Office (Executive Offices, Finance, Human Resources, Medical Affairs, Planning and Public Affairs), Pharmacy

                                    • Corridors: Baby Bok Choy

                                      Sherwin Williams - Baby Bak Choy

                                      Unit Entries: Courtyard

                                      Sherwin Williams - Courtyard

                                      Offices/Workstations: CelerySherwin Williams - Celery

                                      *Paint by Sherwin Williams