West Park’s Pandemic-Ready Hospital featured on AM640

Shelley Ditty's interview with AM640

COVID-19’s Omicron variant is heightening our awareness of the quality of air we breathe in at home, work and school.

But even before the pandemic was a concern, West Park designed its new facility to be a pandemic-ready hospital, in part, because of its innovative Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system that will circulate 100 per cent fresh air into the building. (Watch how the HVAC system works here)

With the new hospital opening next year and West Park’s renowned work in respiratory care, Shelley Ditty, Vice-President of Campus Development and Support Services, was invited onto the Kelly Cutrara Show on AM640 Toronto on January 13. 

Ditty commented on whether HEPA filters are enough to prevent the Omicron variant and shared how West Park’s new facility will set a new standard in HVAC. 

Listen to the live interview with Ditty here.