Construction Alert: All traffic to use two-way road

Issued May 24

  New West Park Map

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What’s happening?

In anticipation of the upcoming site construction activities beginning May 10, deliveries to the loading dock will use the current two-way road used to access the main entrances of West Park Healthcare Centre and the Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC). 

As a result, all vehicle traffic will be using the two-way road in front of the new hospital building from approximately Friday, May 10 to late August. 

What’s the impact?

  • The trucks accessing the loading docks will use the same driving lanes in front of the new hospital as all other traffic.
  • To ensure safety and traffic flow, vehicles must not make a three-point or U-turn on the two-way new hospital road. All vehicles are advised to make a turn at the round-about in front of the LTCC and former Ruddy Buildings.
  • The change will not impact access to and from the LTCC Visitor and Staff Parking.
  • The entry point of the LTCC Visitor and Staff Parking lot will be slightly shifted to accommodate traffic route changes.
  • Traffic flow will be very busy. Please exercise caution as you use the two-way road. 

For questions or concerns, please contact