New Public Street

Construction Alert on East-West Road

What's happening?

Beginning on Monday, July 26 for approximately three months, construction will begin for the new public street that will be part of the new road network on campus. The new public street is on the current East-West Rd., which runs from Charlton Settlement Ave. to the visitor parking area east of the Gage Building.

The work includes the installation of water mains and sewer lines that will connect to the new hospital and paving of the East-West Rd. (still to be officially named). 

What’s the impact?

Construction will begin on the eastern portion of the East-West Rd starting from Charlton Settlement Ave. (Refer to map above) This will have the following major impacts:

  • During working hours, vehicle access to the Gage, Long-Term Care Centre and Ruddy Buildings will be reduced to a single lane during business hours. A flag person will be available to direct traffic. During off hours, two-way traffic will be re-instated. 

  • Visitors Parking by the Gage Building will be maintained.

  • The crosswalk will be maintained so pedestrians can get from the north to the south side and from Charlton Settlement Ave to all the hospital buildings. 

  • There will be some noise associated with this work.

  • COVID screening will continue at the Main Building.  
For questions or concerns, please contact or 416-243-3600 ext. 2111.