Gas Line Installation

Beginning Thursday, June 10 for approx. 3 weeks

Gas Line Installation

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What’s happening?

Beginning Thursday, June 10, Enbridge will be installing gas lines from Charlton Settlement Ave. to the back of the Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC). The new gas lines will feed into the new hospital and Long-Term Care Centre.

What’s the impact?

Referring to the visual above, the Enbridge work will have the following impacts from Thursday, June 10 for approximately three weeks:

  • The East-West Road leading to the Ruddy, Gage and LTCC may be reduced down to one-lane at times. When needed, a flag person will be available to direct traffic. The road will always maintain a crosswalk so pedestrians can get from the north to the south side.

  • The Back Service Road behind the LTCC will be reduced down to one-lane. When needed, there will be a flag person to direct traffic.

  • A few parking spaces in the North Parking Lot may be temporarily out-of-service for a few days.

  • There will be some noise associated with this work.

  • Please be patient and follow all temporary routes as directed.  These routes will change regularly.