Major Changes to Visitors Parking

Closure of Main Visitors Parking Lot and Opening of New Visitors Lot

Permanent closure of main visitors lot and opening of new visitors lot

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What’s happening?

There will be major changes affecting visitors parking and pedestrian walkways on campus.

1. The existing Main Visitors Parking Lot will close permanently in the evening of Monday, March 9 

  • As vehicles leave throughout the evening, security will permanently close off the Main Visitors Parking Lot.

    • 2. On Tuesday, March 10, the new “Visitors Parking-South Lot” will open to offset the loss of parking in the Main Visitors Parking Lot
  • The new "Visitors Parking-South Lot" is located across from York Humber High School. Drivers can access the new parking lot off of Buttonwood Ave. (Refer to map);

  • The new parking lot will have about the same number of parking spaces (~60) as the existing Main Visitors Parking Lot.

  • The front half of the South Parking Lot will be designated for visitors. Pay machines will be available. A reminder that drivers can pay for parking using the Flowbird App or the Visitors Multi-Use Pass (5 use pass for $7.65/day), which can be purchased at Communications.

  • Divided by a barrier, the back half of the South Lot is designated for staff. It will be clearly labelled that only staff can park beyond the barriers, so please do not park in the staff area or you will be ticketed.

  • The location of the new parking lot is the second closest area to the Main Building that West Park can offer patients and visitors during construction.

    • 3. The parking lot leading to the new main entrance will remain open throughout construction
  • There are now a total of nine accessible parking spots available in this lot. Four of the accessible parking spaces are by the main entrance, with the other five located mid-way up the parking lot to meet grading standards for accessible parking.

    • 4. There are two new sidewalks
  • There will be a new sidewalk next to the South Parking Lot. Only patients, visitors and staff who park in the South Parking Lot can access this sidewalk, which leads to Buttonwood Ave. and the Main Building. There is no access to this new sidewalk from the Gage, Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC)/Ruddy and North Parking Lots.

  • There will be a sidewalk change along the east-west road. The sidewalk that begins from Charleton Settlement will now be switched to the opposite side (north side) and connect to the existing sidewalk that ends at the Ruddy Building. As construction vehicles will begin coming off of Entrance #2, the new sidewalk will help minimize safety risks by separating pedestrians and vehicles routes. 

    • 5. There is no change for patients and visitors who park along the new, east-west road by the Gage Building and in front of the LTCC/Ruddy Building
  • Patients and visitors will be unable to “crossover” to the South Parking Lot. 

  • To access the Main Building, patients and visitors must enter through the front entrance of the Ruddy Building. To access the Long-Term Care Centre and Gage Buildings, patients and visitors can go directly to its front entrances.

    • When?

      These dates are approximate and are subject to change:
  • Evening of Monday, March 9 – Closure of Main Visitors Parking Lot 

  • Morning of Tuesday, Monday 10 – Opening of new “Visitors Parking–South Lot” and new sidewalks

    • Questions or concerns

      Please contact or ext. 2111.