About Campus Development

Building an integrated campus of care

Concept Master Site Plan 

Label A New Hospital  LabelB Demolition of Patient Care and Maintenance Buildings  LabelCCreation of New Campus Entrance  LabelD Renewal of Green Space  LabelE Non-Hospital Development Buildings Label F Existing Long-Term Care Centre  

West Park's vision is to be an integrated campus of care that truly models the way of the future for patient care delivery, education and research.

To achieve this, West Park has embarked on two major capital projects that brings together rehabilitative, complex continuing, primary and long-term care and independent living opportunities on a single site.

1. Hospital Development

The Hospital Development oversees the building of a new, world-class hospital facility incorporating the best and latest in architectural design, emerging technologies and stunning therapeutic landscapes to help patients in their journey from crisis to hope. Learn more

2. Non-Hospital Development

The Non-Hospital Development will extend West Park's spectrum of services by creating a vibrant community with housing and related services for seniors and people with disabilities. Revenue from this entrepreneurial initiative will contribute to covering the cost of the new Hospital. Learn more