Non-Hospital Development

Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Concept rendering of West Park's Complementary Zone A concept rendering of West Park's Non-Hospital Development that will offer housing and services related to seniors and people with disabilities.

Project Overview

Imagine a community where seniors and people with disabilities thrive on independence, feel a sense of belonging and are supported by a vast network of services to support their wellbeing.

Complementing West Park’s services, the Non-Hospital Development will broaden the continuum of care available on the campus with housing and related services for seniors and people with disabilities. Services  may include supportive housing, hospice, community based services and doctors' offices. 

About five acres at the eastern end of West Park’s 27-acre healthcare campus has been designated for the Non-Hospital Development project, which currently consists of surface parking. The buildings will range from four to 18 storeys, and promote independent living and aging at home, while enriching the surrounding residential community.

Revenue from the Non-Hospital Development will contribute to covering the cost of the new hospital.

View the Concept Master Site Plan 


An Offer to Lease was signed by West Park and the developer, Amico Properties Inc., in 2015. Amico will be responsible for the construction, maintenance and cost of the Non-Hospital Development.

The selection of Amico was the result of an open, competitive bidding process overseen by an external transaction adviser. Amico is a corporation currently involved in land development and construction throughout Ontario, with extensive expertise in healthcare and residential projects including long-term care homes and facilities for family physicians. The company has a successful track record for engaging and fostering positive relationships with neighbourhood and community groups. 

The Land Lease is for a period of up to 50 years. West Park will maintain ownership of the land, and the buildings constructed on the land will revert back to West Park at the end of the lease period.

Next Steps

Amico is in the process of confirming a primary tenant and is in discussions with other potential tenants.

For more information, please contact Cindy Prince at Amico at 519-737-1577 or .