Hospital Development

Helping Patients realize their potential

Concept of West Park's new hospital Concept front view of West Park's new hospital

Project Overview

The Hospital Development oversees the construction of a new, six-storey, approximately 730,000 square foot hospital that will create an accessible, senior-friendly and green environment that is flexible and technologically advanced to deliver more enhanced and integrated rehabilitative services. The project scope includes:

  • Construction of new hospital
  • Demolition of Main, Ruddy, Gage and maintenance buildings
  • Creation of new campus entrance
  • Renewal of green space

The construction timeline is 2018 to 2023.

West Park reached Financial Close on August 10, 2018. To find out who has been awarded the contract to build West Park's new hospital, click here.

View the Concept Master Site Plan

Features of New Hospital

Well-designed physical settings play an important role in positive health outcomes. West Park’s new hospital will bring the best in rehabilitative care to Ontario with an eye to meeting the needs of patients for decades to come.

It will accommodate rehabilitation and complex continuing care beds, expanded outpatient services, community living and outreach programs. Features of the new hospital include:

  • 314 inpatient beds (20 per cent increase)
  • 80 per cent of beds in single-patient rooms and remaining in double-patient rooms
  • Three-piece washroom for each patient for improved infection control
  • Significant increase in outpatient care space to serve double the current patient volume
  • Two new services: geriatric day hospital and clinics, and satellite hemodialysis


After patients have moved into the new hospital, West Park will then demolish the Main, Ruddy, Gage and maintenance buildings.

The existing Long-Term Care Centre will remain as part of West Park's integrated campus of care.

New Main Entrance

There will be a new campus entrance off of Emmett Avenue, near the major thoroughfare Eglinton Avenue, to provide a more direct route to the hospital campus. This will involve new public and private roads within the campus.

The change will improve visibility of and traffic flow to West Park, and minimize traffic through the surrounding residential area.

Renewal of Green Space

West Park will keep the "park" on its 27-acre campus by maintaining or increasing the amount of green space. Though West Park will be relocating a portion of its green space, it will be extensively landscaped to allow for better use and access.

Patients, staff and visitors will have captivating scenic views of nature and access to safe, accessible walking pathways, so that indoor therapy areas can be easily extended to the outdoors. West Park will create a nurturing, therapeutic and leisurely environment that blends warmth and serenity with energy and drive.  

For more information, please contact the Campus Development department at 416-243-3600 ext. 2111 or