President's Award For Values

recognizing those who demonstrate West Park's values

PAVs recipients 2017

West Park President & CEO Anne-Marie Malek (second from right) with four of the 2017 President’s Award for Values recipients (l-r) Michelle Latchana (Trust), Laura Forma (Accountability), Emily Watters (Collaboration), and Mark Palmer (Respect).


PAVs Excellence recipients

West Park President & CEO Anne-Marie Malek (l) and Chief of Staff Dr. Nora Cullen (r) with the 2017 President’s Award for Values recipients for Excellence (l-r) Dr. Chris Boulias and Dr. Farooq Ismail.


The President's Award for Values is an opportunity to annually recognize and honour employees, physicians and volunteers who consistently make an outstanding contribution to life at West Park. A recipient can be an individual or in the case of the Collaboration category, as a group. The awards are based on West Park's core values that were developed together with the Centre's Mission and Vision. The program is values-based and peer driven.

2017 Recipients and nominees

To learn about the 2017 recipients and nominees, visit here.

What is a Value?

It is a commonly shared belief that is demonstrated in our daily actions. West Parks five core values are:


Who is eligible?

Anyone from the West Park community may submit a nomination.

All employees, physicians and volunteers from every service, program and department may be nominated.

The nomination process

A Nominator (the person submitting the nomination form) nominates a Nominee (the individual or group identified for an award). 

A Nominator can be any staff member, physician, volunteer, patient or family member.

The Nominator can be an individual or group in any program, service or department across the Centre.

Read the awards program brochure for more information. The nomination forms are available for download here. Hard copies are available in folders at: the Main entrance, and the west bank of elevators main floor level.

Each nomination requires a minimum of two Nominators.

Nominations are evaluated on the strength of the content and the information that appears on the nomination form. The awards committee reviews and selects the one award in each category.

Awards Criteria

The descriptors used to select the award recipient(s) are outlined under each award.

The examples cited must have occurred since April of the previous year in order to be considered for evaluation in the current year for each award category.

When completing the nomination form, be sure to provide a minimum of two (2) examples of how the criteria has been met.

Clear, descriptive, everyday examples are the most important part of the nomination submission. For example, all nominees should:

  • Demonstrate West Park's values on a consistent, day-to-day basis and;
  • Contribute to West Park through their commitment of time and energy and;
  • Be viewed by others as demonstrating exemplary behaviour in keeping with West Park's core values.

Nomination Deadline

The nomination submission deadline is the first Monday in May by 4:00 p.m.

Completed nomination forms must be deposited in the locked box in the Ruddy Building, 6th floor, outside the Human Resources office (opposite the elevator). Nomination forms received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Highlights from winning submission will be read at the award ceremony at the Annual General Meeting each June.

Nomination form assistance

E-mail your questions to: or call and leave a message on the confidential voice mail box at 416-243-3600 ext.2585