Strategic Plan and Governance

Strategic planning helps ensure the organization’s future success by:

  • Setting broad goals to shape and guide the organization’s advancement;
  • Developing and maintaining an advantageous fit between the organization and its changing environment.

To help build our Strategic Plan, West Park consulted with internal stakeholders (patients, families, staff, etc) and external stakeholders. As a result, West Park established our Vision, Mission and Values:

The purpose of West Park's by-laws are to guide the Board of Directors in its stewardship role of the Centre in accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values. The by-laws include:

  • By-law 1 - Relating to the transaction of the business and affairs of West Park Healthcare Centre
  • By-law 2A - Relating to the Medical Staff, Dental Staff and Extended Class Nursing Staff of
    West Park Healthcare Centre
  • By-law 3 - Relating to Borrowing by West Park Healthcare Centre