Quality Improvement

Never satisfied with the status quo

Never satisfied by the status quo, West Park is driven to find new and better ways to restore patients’ lives.

Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), helps us keep track of performance, set targets and chart progress in a variety of areas. Producing a QIP is a requirement by Ontario Health for all hospitals based on the Excellent Care for All Act. It also an accountability mechanism. 

The initiatives outlined in our QIP result in:

  • Improved access to services
  • Ensuring the best possible experience for our patients in terms of safety and satisfaction with care and services
  • Upholding our standing as a fiscally responsible organization
  • Advancing equity, inclusion and diversity and addressing racism within the health care system

We identify opportunities for improvement through regular assessment and review of our performance. The combined efforts of our leaders, front-line staff and physicians, patients and families are required to achieve our objectives.  

You are welcome to review West Park’s Quality Improvement Plan and watch our progress here.

West Park Healthcare Centre

West QIP Narrative 2023-24

West Park QIP Workplan 2023-24

West Park QIP Progress Report 2019-20 

West QIP Narrative 2020-21 

West Park QIP Progress Report 2018-19   

West Park QIP Narrative 2019-20  

West Park QIP Workplan 2019-20  

West Park QIP Progress Report 2018 

West Park QIP Narrative 2018-19 

West Park QIP Workplan 2018-19 

West Park QIP Progress Report 2017 

West Park QIP Narrative 2017-18 

West Park QIP Workplan 2017-18 


West Park Long-Term Care Centre

West Park Long-Term Care Centre QIP Progress Report 2019 

West Park Long-Term Care Centre QIP Narrative 2020 

West Park Long-Term Care Centre QIP Workplan 2020 

West Park Long-Term Care Centre QIP Progress Report 2016-17 

West Park Long-Term Care Centre QIP Narrative 2017-18 

West Park Long-Term Care Centre QIP Workplan 2016-17