Infection Control Week 2021

Good hand hygiene reduces the spread of infections in hospitals

Hand Hygiene auditors

The third week in October is designated as “National Infection Control Week,” an opportunity for infection prevention control professionals to teach healthcare workers and members of the community about the importance of infection prevention. 

This year’s theme is “Unite and Conquer.”  For more than 18 months the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in so many ways, forcing us to adapt to a “new normal.” Healthcare workers have been especially impacted by the demands of this pandemic.  You are doing an outstanding job working tirelessly to ensure our patients are safe. By all of us uniting together we can conquer and flatten the curve of the pandemic. 

This includes practicing good hand hygiene, getting immunized against COVID-19 and Influenza, following routine practices and additional precautions, managing outbreaks according to current public health recommendations, and ensuring cleaning of frequently touched and shared surfaces. We each have a vital role to contribute to this effort.

As always, practicing proper hand hygiene according to the four moments of hand hygiene is important in reducing the risk of transmission of infections including COVID-19. As healthcare professionals, we must strive to commit to proper hand hygiene practices until it is second nature to us. 

At West Park, we have very dedicated hand hygiene champions who have observed hand hygiene compliance on their units and departments. They provide valuable feedback to their colleagues, unit, and the Infection Prevention and Control department (IPAC).

Thank you for your continued efforts.