Green Hospital Scorecard

West Park earns Silver status for energy conservation initiatives

Green Hospital Silver Seal

September, 2015 - The Centre maintained its strong position as a leader in environmental stewardship, earning a Silver Seal on its Green Hospital Scorecard.

West Park joins a distinguished group of Ontario hospitals in the Silver category. Of the 104 hospital sites participating, two hospital sites were awarded Gold, 31 Silver, and 63 Bronze.

The Green Hospital Scorecard is a program designed to enable a high-level assessment of a hospital’s environmental performance, and to assist in identifying areas for improvement.

“We’re very proud of this distinction,” said Mike Bonnah, Director of Operations, Logistics and Chief Energy Conservation Officer. “And we will continue to strive to achieve Gold status.”

West Park, for 2104, saw marked improvements in the areas of recycling and water conservation, yet slight performance declines in waste generation and energy use. West Park scored 64.09 on the recognition level scale, just shy of the 65 needed for a Gold Seal.

West Park’s stellar 2014 performance also led to the hospital being named a finalist for the OHA’s Green Hospital of the Year, which was won by UHN.