Change Day

Pledging to improve the patient experience and quality of care

Change Day

Change Day is a grassroots movement that is being adopted around the world to improve quality compassionate care.

In Canada, the British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan Health Councils have all championed successful Change Days over the last two years.

Change Day Ontario has been designed to empower people within the health system to make positive changes through making pledges and taking actions, big or small, to improve compassionate quality care. The campaign is about people engaging with one another through their ideas and stories; sharing them online and through social media; overcoming barriers; and ultimately, helping to improve the experience of health care for patients and providers alike.

West Park participates in Change Day to inspire positive change, big and small, throughout the hospital.

On September 10, 2018 over 50 staff and volunteers made Change Day pledges at our Meet and Greet event in the Main Lobby - pledges featured over the next two months until the Change Day celebration in November.

Watch this video to learn how you can affect change with a simple pledge. It features one of our staff members Mary Simone and the very imaginative pledge she made in 2017.