Directory of Records and Personal Information Banks

The Directory contains a list of the general classes and examples of records in the custody or under the control of West Park Healthcare Centre (Centre). Its purpose is to assist members of the public in exercising their rights of access under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) by listing the Centre’s records holdings. The following are the general types of records held at the Centre:

  • Administration
  • Facilities Management
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Affairs/Professional Practice
  • Patient Services
  • Support Services

The Directory also includes records that are Personal Information Banks. For each Personal Information Bank, the following information is provided to you:

  • The title;
  • A description of the type of information maintained;
  • Legal authority for collection of the personal information;
  • Types of personal information maintained (e.g. name, contact information);
  • How we use the information;
  • Categories of users (individuals who would have access on a regular basis);
  • Categories of individuals in bank (the categories of individuals about whom the personal information is maintained);
  • Retention and disposal (how long the information is kept);

Some records may already be available to you without making a request in writing under FIPPA; please check our website.

Category Description Examples of Information
Administration Records relating to management of the Centre
Facilities Management Records relating to the facility including building maintenance, construction, emergency planning and security services, construction
Financial Services Records relating to financial management functions and accompanying documentation
Human Resources Records relating to Centre employees including Occupational Health and Safety Records
Medical Affairs/Professional Practice Records relating to credentialing and appointment of medical staff, By-laws, and students


Patient Services Records relating to the management and delivery of health-care services
Support Services Records relating to the management and delivery of support services
  • Computer Systems
  • Food and Nutrition Services
  • Housekeeping/Environmental Services
  • Procurement Records
  • Purchasing of Goods & Services