CITY-TV visits West Park

Breakfast TV showcases hospital

Breakfast TV at West Park

The spotlight on West Park was bright on April 4, as Ontario’s No. 1 morning show visited the hospital.

Breakfast Television Live-Eye personality Nicole Servinisi travelled West Park’s halls, cameraman in tow, visiting Prosthetics and Orthotics, The Rehab Plus Amputee Rehab Gym, and the Respiratory Rehabilitation Day Hospital.

Broadcast live in four segments, the Live-Eye provided conversational exchanges with West Park senior leadership, clinicians and patients, conveying our important message about how we help our patients get their lives back.

And just to make it extra tough, it was broadcast LIVE with no chance for second tries!! 

The response has been very positive and our social media feeds were very active with encouraging comments and attention.

There were also a couple short “promo” pieces to tease the upcoming segments, with the Breakfast Television anchors in the studio saying positive things about West Park, with co-anchor Roger Petersen even sharing that his mother was a nurse here at West Park in the 1960s.

Here are links to the segments.

SEGMENT ONE – Intro to West Park, our Campus Development plans (with Shelley Ditty) and a personal story from Prosthetics & Orthotics Technician Paul Hanas. Also featuring Winfried Heim, manager of Prosthetics & Orthotics.

SEGMENT TWO – Amp Rehab with patients Patty De Guia and Jamoi Anderson. And clinical leader Janet Campbell

– How new technology in prosthetics is helping patients get their lives back, with Winfried Heim

SEGMENT FOUR – Learning to Breathe Again, with COPD patient Glenn Kitchener and Resp Rehab manager Carol Robinson.