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Ed Urquhart

Get your Life Back

Returning to active life in less than a year

Positive attitude and West Park key to double amputee's quick recovery Learn more.


Changing lives

Modern prosthetics a game changer

New generation of prosthetics helps amputees get their lives back Learn more.

Dr. Sarah Brode and TB patient


Why TB remains a problem in Canada

West Park's Dr. Sarah Brode explains why in this Toronto Star column Learn more.

Amputee on bicycle

Physical activity for amputees

Activity should be accessible to all amputees

West Park's Dr. Steven Dilkas explains why in this Toronto Star column Learn more.

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West Park Experts

Our Experts

  • Dr. Michael Devlin
    Dr. Michael Devlin

    Amputee Rehabilitation, Physiatry, Prosthetics

  • Dr. Steven Dilkas
    Dr. Steven Dilkas

    Amputee Rehabilitation, Prosthetics, Paralympic Medicine, Sports Medicine, Physiatry

  • Dr. Roger Goldstein
    Dr. Roger Goldstein

    COPD, Respiratory Medicine, Respiratory Rehabilitation, Long-term Ventilation, Health-Related Quality of life

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