Sleep Health

Sleep well, be well!

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West Park Healthcare Centre, Rehab Plus and Pharmasave Retail Pharmacy and other services are on-site at West Park and have talented, experienced, skilled professionals with helpful health tips.

One of those services is the Sleep Laboratory.

West Park's Respiratory Diagnostic and Evaluation Services offers sleep studies, pulmonary function and respiratory exercise testing.

Part of the Respiratory Diagnostic and Evaluation Services, West Park’s Sleep Laboratory is staffed by a fully qualified team of health care professionals to treat your sleep-related disorders.

Here are some helpful sleep tips. 

COVID and Sleep ThumbnauilSleep and the COVID-19 pandemic
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Nurse yawningTips for shift workers
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Sleep DisordersSleep disorders
Signs and symptoms that you may have a sleep disorder. Learn more

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 woman waking refreshedSleep hygiene
To ensure you get the best sleep possible, practice good “SLEEP HYGIENE!” Learn more

 Sleep HealthSleep for health and wellness
Sleep is a critical component for health and wellness. Your body needs sleep, your health depends on it. Learn more

 Sleeping with DimentiaDementia and its effects on sleep
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