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West Park Healthcare Centre, Rehab Plus, Pharmasave Retail Pharmacy and other services are are on-site at West Park and have talented, experienced, skilled professionals with helpful health tips.

Here are some helpful tips and bits.

SAD snowmanBeating the Winter Blues
The shorter days and longer periods of darkness of winter can have huge impacts on one’s mood and mental health. Here's a few tips on how to get ahead of the winter blues and the more severe Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Learn more

Senior couple huggingSex and intimacy after stroke
Many people have questions about sexuality and intimacy after stroke but are too shy to ask.Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Learn more

Stroke preventionStroke prevention
Whether you’re recovering from a stroke or have been told by your physician you are at risk for a stroke, there are ways to help prevent a (re)occurrence. Learn more


ToolboxCreating a life skills toolbox
Realizing your potential and improving your quality of life can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced, noisy world. But as a carpenter or plumber might say, the best way to fix a problem is by having the right tools. Learn more 


Allergy sneezeAn alternative treatment for allergies
The arrival of spring means warmer temperatures are knocking on the door, but many dread what's on the other side -ALLERGIES! But there is a therapy you may not think of immediately. Learn more 


Ice pack on shoulderHot or cold on those aching muscles?
What do you apply when you have a sprain, strain or just general stiffness - heat or cold? The experts at West Park's Rehab Plus have the answer for you. Learn more


Couple runningBuddy up for your exercise regime.
The benefits of working out towards a goal with others are substantial and better ensure you will succeed. Learn more


Depressed womanDepressed? It's not just a part of aging.
Depression is the most common mental health problem among the elderly. But that doesn’t mean it’s a normal part of aging. Learn more

Woman with coldIs it a cold or the flu?
It won’t change the way you feel, but knowing the difference between a simple cold and the potentially more serious flu can help you decide when to head to the doctor. Learn more


Pills in shape of heartPain gone. Blood pressure up?
Choose your pain relievers carefully. Pharmacists remind us that some common over-the-counter pain medications could make your blood pressure go up. Learn more