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Tell us what you think

The Patient Experience Co-ordinator (PEC) is here to support you through your experience at West Park and assist you with questions or concerns.

If you have a concern, a suggestion or a compliment, we would like to hear your feedback. If you have a concern, you can always speak to your care providers directly or the manager of the unit or program. If you don’t feel satisfied after this, please call the PEC. 

When to call:

  • When you have general questions or would like information about services at West Park;
  • When you want to share your ideas or suggestions;
  • When you have concerns about services or interactions with West Park staff or physicians.

The PEC works with West Park employees, physicians, and management to engage patients and their families in resolving their concerns in a comprehensive, transparent and objective way.

The issues you bring to their attention don’t get filed away – they will be documented and shared with the right people within the organization, who are committed to improving safety and quality of care at West Park.

You can send your feedback to Patient Experience in the following ways:

  • by email to:
  • by phone, contact Patient Experience at 416-243-3600 x2337 or x2526;
  • by Mail: 82 Buttonwood Avenue Toronto, ON M6M 2J5 Attention: Patient Experience Co-ordinator
  • or you can complete this form and deposit it in the “Tell Us What You Think” drop boxes at the elevators on each floor in the Main Building, on the ground floor of the Ruddy Building and at the main entrance.

We ensure that all concerns are taken seriously and that everyone is treated with courtesy and respect.

Reach us by phone or fax

By phone: Main number 416-243-3600
Visit our Phone Directory for a listing of phone numbers and extensions of departments and services.

By fax: 416-243-8947

Reach us by e-mail

By e-mail: (Please do not send personal health information or resumes to this address.)

Reach us by mail

By mail:

West Park Healthcare Centre
82 Buttonwood Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6M 2J5

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