Telephone Directory

For departments with no direct line, call 416-243-3600 and when prompted, the extension

Main Switchboard  416-243-3600 

Admitting 416-243-3632 or x 2135/6
Admitting Fax 416-243-8397

Patient Experience Co-ordinator 

Public Relations 416-243-3730

Foundation  416-243-3698

Human Resources  x4633
Human Resources Fax  416-243-3422 

Executive Offices x2081
Executive Offices Fax 416-243-7711 

Accounts Payable
x2251 or x2076
Accounts Receivable x2074 or x2252
General Inquires x2077 
Medical Affairs x2173 

Volunteer Services x2108 

Clinical Records 416-243-3600, x2196
Clinical Records Manager x2195
Clinical Records Fax 416-243-3684 

Operations/Environmental Services x2701 

Pharmacy x2038 

Assessment Centre 416-243-3612 or
Assessment Centre fax 416-243-0169
Rehab Plus

Sleep Laboratory 416-243-3631

Shipping/Receiving x2052

Spiritual Care x2168

Ambulatory/Outpatient Clinics 416-243-3640

Respiratory Medicine x2188

Physiatry x3680 

Planning and Development x2172