Volunteering at West Park

West Park continues to benefit from the tireless efforts of those who give of their time and talents to help others - our volunteers.

Volunteers at West Park are involved in everything we do. From one-on-one visitation with patients and supporting therapy programs, to governing the organization as a member of our Board of Directors, Volunteers are exceptional people doing very special things.

We believe in providing volunteer opportunities that are equally rewarding to both the volunteer and the Centre. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist with a wide variety of valuable services that help enhance the quality of patients' lives. These services include, but are not limited to, recreation therapy, patient support, and spiritual care to support our health care professionals in the provision of care and services. Volunteers also assist in the patient library and apparel shop to provide everyday conveniences to patients who cannot easily make use of community services and contribute to the success of other non-patient related services.

Of the Centre's 200+ active volunteers, some are retirees looking to help out where and when they can, while many others volunteer their time to help them gain acceptance to an academic program or the experience and skills they need to help them find employment in the community. West Park believes in making volunteering a rewarding and worthwhile experience for everyone. 

West Park’s campus boasts a welcoming environment for staff, as well as patients and residents. The Centre is surrounded by an award-winning landscape, with tree-lined walkways, accessible patios and gardens, rooftop terraces and manicured lawns. Bold, innovative Campus Development projects for the near future include the construction of a new hospital, along with an exciting non-hospital development with services related to seniors and people with disabilities. Together, these developments will elevate West Park into a world-class, integrated campus of care.

If you would like to join West Park, a place where you don't just help make patients better, you make them smile visit Steps to Become a West Park Volunteer. Explore our Volunteer Opportunities section to learn where you can make a difference here. 

For more information on volunteering at West Park, please contact volunteerservices@westpark.org or call 416-243-3600, ext. 2097.