Alphabetical listing of services

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
AAC refers to methods that either supplement or replace an individual’s speech and/or writing. AAC techniques or devices can be used to enhance participation in important life activities.  View
Acquired Brain Injury Adult Day Program (Outpatient)
Stroke and Brain Function
Helps individuals with acquired brain injuries enhance their strengths and learn new skills with the goal of living more independently. View
Acquired Brain Injury Community Outreach Service (Outpatient)
Stroke and Brain Function
Outreach behavioural rehabilitation provided in clients’ home for individuals with challenging behaviours and an acquired brain injury. View
Acquired Brain Injury Behaviour Service (In-Patient)
Stroke and Brain Function
Collaborative, patient-driven and goal-oriented rehabilitation View
Amputee Rehabilitation Service
Amputation Recovery
Helping those who have lost limbs rebuild their lives with courage and confidence. View
CAVC Service (In-Patient)
Lungs and Breathing
Care for individuals needing invasive mechanical ventilation View
Long-Term Ventilation Centre of Excellence (Outpatient)
Lungs and Breathing
Championing improvements in LTV View
Complex Continuing Care (In-Patient)
Multiple Sclerosis and other complex issues
Residential nursing care for people with special chronic care needs. View
Enhanced Living Service (In-Patient)
Lungs and Breathing
Care and support for individuals needing invasive mechanical ventilation View
Functional Enhancement Service (In-Patient)
Seniors' Services
Helping older adults improve their functional ability and quality of life after injury or stroke View
Frail Seniors Transition to Home (In-Patient)
Seniors' Services
Helping older adults improve their functional ability and enhance health and wellness View
Gage Transition to Independent Living (Residential)
Transitional Living
Empowering those with physical disabilities to live independent lives. View
Home Ventilator Training
Transitional Living | Lungs and Breathing
For people who need mechanical assistance to breathe. View
Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Service
Bones and Joints
Rehabilitation for those recovering from bone, muscle or joint injury or surgery. View
Neurological Rehabilitation Service (In-Patient)
Stroke and Brain Function
In-patient rehabilitation for people facing the challenge of recovering from stroke or head injury. View
Out-patient Clinics and Services (Outpatient)
Wellness & Therapy
Out-patient clinics for people who live in the community View
Prosthetic and Orthotic Service
Amputation Recovery
Enabling individuals with limb amputations to live fuller, more independent lives. View
Provincial Long-term Ventilation Strategy
West Park is part of a new provincial initiative to help improve the lives of Ontarians living with long-term ventilation and complex respiratory issues View
Respiratory Continuing Care (In-Patient)
Lungs and Breathing
Residential respiratory care for people with chronic breathing disorders View
Respiratory Day Hospital (Outpatient)
Lungs and Breathing
Helping individuals with chronic lung disease live independently in the community. View
Respiratory Rehabilitation Service (In-Patient)
Lungs and Breathing
In-patient respiratory rehabilitation for individuals with chronic lung disease View
Geriatric Interprofessional Assessment Clinic
Seniors' Services
Specializing in the Functional enhancement of older adults with complex medical and psychosocial issues and age-related changes View
Seniors Mental Health Service
Seniors' Services
Practical advice and information about mental health problems for seniors View
Sleep Laboratory (Outpatient)
Lungs and Breathing | Wellness & Therapy
Specializing in studies on individuals with respiratory, cardiovascular or neurological conditions. View
Spasticity Management Clinic (Outpatient)
Stroke and Brain Function
Assessing and treating spasticity through an interprofessional team approach. View
Specialty Clinics (In-Patient)
Wellness & Therapy
Clinics for West Park in-patients. View
Tuberculosis Service
Lungs and Breathing
Treating patients with complex tuberculosis to help them return safely to the community. View
Transitional Home Ventilation (In-Patient)
Transitional Living | Lungs and Breathing
Providing rehabilitation, training and education. View