COVID-19 Visitors Policy

    The latest visitors status for West Park Healthcare Centre

    Visitors in hospital

    We continue to update our Visitor Information based on guidance from Ontario Health.  Please click on the link below for updates on our Visitor Guidelines.


    Vaccination Requirements for Visitors

    All visitors (including Essential Visitors/Care Partners and alternate visitors) entering West Park Healthcare Centre must show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. We know that vaccinations are key in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. For that reason, West Park is ensuring that everyone visiting the Centre is fully vaccinated. The policy does not apply to patients. In order to be considered fully vaccinated it must be at least 14 days since you received your second dose of a Health Canada-approved vaccine. 

    Proof of Vaccination

    You can download your proof of vaccine QR code from You will need to show our screeners a digital or print copy of your QR code, along with proof of identity.  You will need your OHIP card to download the QR code.  Allow extra time for this process.  If you haven’t downloaded your QR code, we will also accept digital or print copies of your original vaccine receipt, along with proof of identity.

    Exceptions for unvaccinated visitors may be made under the following conditions:
    The visitor has an approved medical exemption
    The visitor is supporting a patient who is near end-of-life (i.e. actively dying, death expected within two weeks)
    The visitor is supporting a patient experiencing an urgent/time limited life-altering event, i.e. critical illness, mental health crisis
    The visitor is accompanying a patient attending an outpatient appointment for support related to cognitive, physical or communication-related challenges

    Exceptions must be approved by the clinical care team, in advance of any scheduled visits.  If an exception is approved, a negative COVID-19 PCR test result, received within 48 hours before the visit, is required. Rapid antigen tests are available at the entrances ONLY for patients who meet the vaccination exception criteria AND have a special circumstance or emergency. 

    Screening at entrance

    Please note, all visitors must be screened when coming to the Centre, whether visits are occurring inside or outside on hospital grounds. All visitors must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival to the Centre.  Visitors who do not pass WPHC screening tool, will not be allowed admission into the Centre.

    All visitors, regardless of vaccination status, are required to adhere to the following Infection Prevention Measures:

    - Patients and visitors are required to wear a medical mask at all times during the visit (indoors and outdoors).  A medical mask will be provided to visitors upon entering the building at screening.
    - No In and Out privileges - when the essential visitor/care partner leaves the hospital they cannot return to the hospital on the same day.
    - Social distancing (2m or 6 ft) must be maintained between patients and visitors during the visit.
    - Hand Hygiene must be practiced upon entering the Centre, and during visit.
    - No Eating is permitted during visits

    Visitor Guidelines

    All patients may have 1 scheduled daily visit for 1 hour with 1 Essential Visitor, or up to 3 hours with 1 Essential Care Partner, depending on the care being provided and unit capacity (see below for Essential Visitor/Care Partner definitions & Essential Care Partner Application)
    All visitors will be asked to complete the Visitor Agreement , and provide it to a member of the clinical team upon their first visit.
    Patients may designate 2 Essential Visitor/Care Provider, and 2 alternate visitors (Complex Continuing Care patients may identify additional alternate visitors, approved by the care team)
    A patient may have 2 visitors at the same time at the bedside under the following circumstances: 
    End of Life; 
    Critical Illness; Mental Health Crisis; 
    Life Altering Diagnosis; 
    Significant Developmental or Intellectual Disability

    Visiting Hours: 10:00am to 8:00pm, Monday to Sunday (including statutory holidays).

    Scheduling visits: All Essential Visitors/Care Partners and alternate visitors must be approved by the care team, and visits scheduled at least 48 hours in advance

    Designated Visiting Areas: Visits may take place at the bedside (1 visitor per room) or in one of the following designated areas, ensuring social distancing of 2m (6 ft) is maintained:
    Unit rotunda (maximum 4 patients & their visitors at one time)
    Unit rotunda - maximum 4 patients & their visitors at one time.
    Auditorium - as group patient activities are resuming in the auditorium, we will make use of the space to accommodate visits around the patient activity calendar.  A schedule will be posted at the main entrance weekly so visitors will know when the space is available.
    Cafeteria - may be accessed for visiting during “non-peak” hours (i.e. not between 11am-2pm Monday to Friday); NOTE: food is not to be consumed during the visit
    Outdoor Patio access – will be closed as of November 1st, 2021.

    Multiple visitors: Visits with more than 1 Essential Visitor/Care Partner may be accommodated on an occasional basis, upon availability of designated space.  Patient may arrange a visit with 2 Essential Visitors/Care Partners, and up to 5 additional visitors, on a case by case basis.  A child may attend a group visit, in consultation with IPAC. A child <2years of age is not required to wear a mask, and does not count as one of the visitors; a child >2 years of age is required to follow IPAC measures, and counts as one of the visitors.  These visits may be booked on evenings or weekends, through the care team.

    How to safely wear a medical mask

    Types of Visitors

    Essential Visitors:
    • Essential Visitors can be any person identified by the patient as a key support person. 
    • Essential Visitors do not participate in providing care to the patient.

    Essential Care Partner:
    Essential Care Partners are deemed as key in supporting the delivery of care, and are specially trained by the care team to participate in the delivery of care that is mutually agreed upon by the Clinical Care team.
    Note - an application form to become an essential care partner will need to be completed and submitted for review by the Clinical Manager and Clinical Care team (see below for application).

    Essential Outpatient Visitor:
    • Essential Outpatient Visitors are persons accompanying a patient to an outpatient appointment for support related to cognitive, physical or communication-related challenges

    Essential Care Partner application

    Leaves of Absence (LOA) for Inpatients

    West Park Healthcare Centre is pleased to resume short leaves of absences for our patients that are fully vaccinated and follow infection prevention and control (IPAC) measures. These IPAC measures are in place to help keep patients, staff and visitors safe while at the Centre. Please review these measures and discuss any questions you may have with your Nurse, Care Coordinator or Unit Manager. All LOAs must be approved by your clinical care team, and should not impact the course of your stay.

    1. Fully vaccinated patients who are well are welcome to leave the hospital grounds for up to 8 hours, pending approval from the clinical care team.  
    2. Upon return to the Centre you will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and asked about contacts. For example “Have you come into contact with anyone with COVID-19?” If you pass the screening you will not require isolation upon return.
    3. Contact the unit manager or care coordinator for more information.

    Patients will be asked to continue taking the following precautions while away from the Centre:
    Wear a mask at all times, if tolerated; otherwise, wear a face shield
    Maintain physical distancing (2m or 6 ft)
    Practice frequent hand hygiene
    Follow public health recommendations

    Tips for Safe Leaves of Absence for Patients

    Appeals Process

    To appeal any decision made regarding visitor access or vaccine proof requirement, please contact our Patient Experience Coordinator by email at or by phone at 416-243-3600 ext. 2337, or ext. 2526, or by email.