New Campus Entrance and Road Network

Coming in 2024

West Park's new campus road network in 2024
A concept illustrative map of the new campus. For a larger view, click on the image

A map will surely be in order to help staff, patients and visitors navigate their way to the various buildings, drop-off areas, parking lots and new roads after the new hospital opens and demolition is complete.

For starters, West Park will create a more direct route to the campus by making the current back service road open to the public. With the existing sign on Eglinton Avenue already directing visitors to turn-off on Emmett Avenue, West Park will create another sign across from the Vedanta Society of Toronto, to guide them up the back service road, which is also being referred to as Campus Road until its official naming.

“Right now, people get lost all the time coming to West Park because you have to drive into a residential area and make several turns thereafter,” says Shelley Ditty, Vice-President of Campus Development and Support Services. “Since most people know Eglinton Avenue, it’s easier to direct people off there.”

Drivers and pedestrians will then take a scenic route up Campus Road and curve right at the top-of-the-hill where they will arrive at the front entrances for the new hospital and Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC).

Like an airport, visitors can pull into an extensive layby — an area where vehicles can pull off the road and stop — in front of the new hospital’s main entrance for drop-off or pick-up. The LTCC drop-off area will also be modified to include a layby. Space for a bus stop has been accommodated should the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bring a route on to the campus.

Beyond the drop-off areas, drivers can proceed straight to access either surface or underground parking. 

Road network and access points

A new road network will also be created to ensure smooth traffic flow, and easy access to all buildings and destinations on campus.

Below is a listing of the roads on campus in the future:

  • Campus Road will stretch across to a new street that runs north to south, known on the map as the North-South Street, which will separate the new hospital and the Non-Hospital Development (NHD), the second construction project intended to offer supportive housing and services for seniors and people with disabilities. (The timing of the NHD project is still to be confirmed, but when it does get built, it will also have its own underground parking.) The road will then become a public street that stretches to Charleton Settlement Avenue, so that drivers and pedestrians can still have access to the campus from Weston Road.

  • Before reaching the new hospital at the top-of-the-hill on Campus Road, delivery vehicles can turn into the underground loading dock to deliver goods to the new hospital.

  • Temporarily named “Back Rd” on the map, the existing portion of the back service road that wraps around the LTCC and Gage Buildings will also become open to the public. Drivers can use it to access the new surface parking next to the LTCC.

  • Buttonwood Avenue will remain open but become a cul-de-sac on our property. With a wide turning-circle at the end, the street will be used by ambulances and other transportation vehicles to transfer patients through a designated patient entrance at the back of the new building. The discreet patient transfer entrance will improve the patient experience by offering patients more privacy when they arrive at West Park.

West Park will place traffic calming measures to protect the safety of patients and other pedestrians. The measures may include speed humps, raised pedestrian crossings and curb extensions that shorten the distance when crossing the street.

With the new hospital opening in late 2023, it will take about a year to demolish all the current buildings, except for the LTCC, and re-landscape the grounds into beautiful therapy gardens, courtyards and walking trails that make up the West Lawn. Therefore, the full network of new roads will be in place in 2024.