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Helping People Get Their Lives Back


Patty De Guia is a single mother who lost her leg to cancer in 2007. After years of being dependent on crutches and wheelchairs, Patty came to West Park, was fitted with a prosthetic leg and began a program of rehabilitative care with one powerful goal in mind: to walk her children to school, holding their hands, not her crutches.

Recently, she achieved her goal and walked her kids to school, hand in hand, for the very first time.

Patty gives the credit for her remarkable transformation to the West Park’s skilled and caring staff. “West Park is the brightest light that has come to me in a very long time,” she says, “and it really changed the way I can live my life.”

Watch Patty’s story

Acute care hospitals save lives. West Park Healthcare Centre is the next step. With deep expertise in rehabilitative medicine, we focus on ensuring that a life saved is a life worth living. We walk with our patients on an intensely personal and demanding journey back to their lives. 

West Park is home to many specialized programs recognized for their clinical excellence. They include:

The largest amputee rehabilitation program in Canada, together with an advanced prosthetics and orthotics lab;
An internationally renowned program in respiratory rehabilitation, helping patients with chronic lung disease to breathe and better manage their health;
A widely respected multi-trauma musculoskeletal rehab centre; 
A leading program for the treatment of spasticity (muscle tightness and rigidity), helping people with Cerebral Palsy, stroke and other conditions to recover function;
Ontario’s Centre of Excellence for Long-Term Ventilation, helping those who rely on a machine for every breath to live as independently as possible.

Each of these programs depends on the skill and compassion of West Park’s exceptional staff, all of whom are passionate about helping our patients reclaim their lives, and get back home to their families, their jobs and what they love to do.