Your Gifts At Work

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Being able to get your breath back, get your stride back, or get your independence back is a monumental accomplishment for many of West Park’s patients.

The courage, strength and dignity realized everyday within the walls of West Park begins with the generosity of our donors. Take a moment to see how our donors are making a difference.

I CAN Learn


Advanced the expertise of 5 nurses in wound care

Result: Improved quality of care


Purchased 20 pieces of equipment, including 5 for
the rehab gym

Result: Helping 6,000 patients regain mobility and independence


I CAN Recover


I CAN Laugh


Funded 14 Recreation Therapy initiatives

Result: Enhanced the quality of life for inpatients.
E.g. Therapeutic clowns visited over 40 patients,
every 2 weeks for 6 months


Hired 1 researcher in spasticity management

Result: 11 research projects underway to
improve treatments for more than 200,000
Canadians living with spasticity


I CAN Hope


I CAN Learn


Advanced the knowledge of 78 nursing staff
in person-centred care

Result: Contributed to a 10% improvement in patient satisfaction