Community Engagement

a long history of community engagement

Community Engagement

Community engagement is an important element of an effective and responsive healthcare system, and an effective and responsive hospital. Community engagement is important for a number of reasons:

  • Major health service decisions are more acceptable to communities if their input has been sought in the decision-making process. Increasingly, the public wants to be involved in decisions that affect them and are more likely to support solutions that they have helped identify.
  • Community engagement can impact on the appropriateness, accessibility and uptake of services, as well as impact on people’s health literacy (i.e., their ability to understand and
    use information to improve and maintain their health). Involving patients and residents can result in more accessible and acceptable services and improvements in the health and
    quality of life of these individuals.
  • Hospitals need a strong relationship with their communities so hospitals can maintain and reaffirm their place as a valued and vital community resource that merits broad public
  • Community engagement helps identify new opportunities to integrate services and better coordinate caregivers.
  • Hospitals play an important role in providing a holistic approach to health promotion by educating, informing, and raising awareness. To this end, an opportunity exists for
    hospitals to engage the community in health promotion discussions in order to provide a more significant and lasting impact on health.

West Park Healthcare Centre has a long history of community engagement and recognizes the importance of engaging its communities.

West Park’s community engagement activities will support the Centre’s vision, mission and values.

West Park's Community Engagement Plan (Revised April, 2012)

Community Engagement Activity Report - Innovation Forum

Community Engagement Activity Report - Partnership Pledge